Moulded polymer ventilation duct & fittings

HoKa GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of moulded polymer ventilation duct fittings, which has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Now available from Jenso in Australia, HoKa duct and fi ttings are produced in a large array of sizes with dimensions ranging from 75 to 600mm diameter.

These unique moulded plastic fi ttings are available in all commonly required arrangements such as bends, junctions, joiners and transitions. This vast range virtually eliminates the need for custom fabrication.

HoKa fi ttings are manufactured using a patented process that guarantees dimensional accuracy. Each fitting is moulded with joining collars on all openings to further simplify the assembly process.

Other dimensions and types of duct can also be produced to meet individual requirements.

Produced in *PVC, PP, PPs, HDPE and PVDF, HoKa plastic fittings are suitable for all exhaust and ventilation systems, including the extraction of corrosive and volatile fumes.

PVC duct and fi ttings can be joined by solvent welding whilst the joining of other materials (PP, HDPE, PPs & PVDF) is done by a plastic welding process.

Pre-made polymer ventilation duct & fittings eliminate the need for customised fabrication

Our aim is to ensure continuous availability and short delivery times on all HoKa products.

As a partner in your business Jenso provides free advice and consultation on the selection and use of HoKa duct and fittings.

*PVC = Polyvinyl chloride, PP = Polypropylene, HDPE = High Density Polyethylene,
PPs = anti-static Polypropylene, PVDF = Polyvinylidene fl uoride